The Natchitoches Historic Foundation is dedicated to its mission of preservation, education and advocacy. By becoming a member of the Foundation you become a part of preserving our historic community. Your contributions are used to support projects that will increase awareness of the historical importance of this area, and to support restoration and preservation of historic sites. Many sites are in danger due to neglect, vandalism, development, and callous public policy. However this loss is not inescapable.

Through your efforts, in concert with the Natchitoches Historic Foundation, these places can be saved. As a member, you can know that you are doing your part to ensure that our heritage is part of the future. As a member of the Natchitoches Historic Foundation, you will receive a semi-annual newsletter from the Foundation concerning all activities and you are eligible to attend all Foundation activities, not limited to biannual meetings, educational seminars, and long range planning activities. For more information, email us at natchitocheshf@gmail.com or call (318)-471-7489.

Natchitoches Historic Foundation Officers of the Board



Terri Cunningham - President


Hillary Bennett - Vice President, Communications


Susan Barron - Vice President, Property

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Kelly LankFord - Secretary

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Kathy Bundrick - Treasurer


Cunningham Law Office

The Cunningham Law Office, now the Natchitoches Historic Foundation headquarters, was built in 1860 by Henry Safford and is available to rent. The building was constructed of 36 foot virgin pine sills held in place by wooden pegs still as sound as the day they were fitted together by hand. When completed, the building sold for the fascinating sum of $1,883.44 5/12.

The Natchitoches Historic Foundation purchased the property from Cunningham heirs and restoration was completed in October of 1994. The building is on The National Register of Historic Places.

The house contains beautifully restored heart of pine floors. Furniture in the first office ranges from The American Empire Period (1830-1840) to The American Victorian Period (1860’s).  The boardroom boasts a large walnut table dating from the late Victorian Period.

The Law Office houses a collection of Clementine Hunter paintings, renowned primitive artist, is displayed, donated by Mildred Bailey, a founding member of the Natchitoches Historic Foundation, from her private collection.  A portrait of Dr. Bailey with Clementine Hunter is displayed with the collection.  The collection is arranged from her earliest works on the left to the latest works on the right. The large center painting was completed in the 1940’s.

To rent this historic home, please contact the foundation at natchitocheshf@gmail.com or call Susan Barron at (318) 243-0933.

Rental Agreement


Mildred Bailey Park


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Our purpose and mission is to preserve our historic sites and community. Natchitoches is the oldest permanent settlement in the entire Louisiana Purchase. The city was established in 1714 by Louis Juchereau de St. Denis as part of French Louisiana. The community was named after the native Natchitoches people.

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